Bimini Platinum Care Service Agreement

The Bimini Platinum Care Service Agreement provides "one number to call" total coverage for all equipment in the digital imaging chain. This includes workstation and server hardware, interfaces, and other technologies such as CD/DVD publishers. The Bimini Platinum Care Service Agreement covers all parts and labor and it includes two preventive maintenance services per year.

Bimini Platinum Care Service Subscription Agreement

The Bimini Platinum Care Service Subscription Agreement provides customers with discounted labor rates and replacement parts for a low monthly fee.  The subscription includes 30 minute free remote support per incident. 

Remote PACS Administration

Remote PACS Administration enables practices to get the most out of their PACS.  This service provides day-to-day PACS management and monitoring including study management, new user configuration, display protocol configuration.

New Facility and Facility Expanison Planning

Bimini Platinum Care can help you plan your new imaging department to ensure that it supports the modern digital workflow and that its layout maximizes the efficiency of the department. 

DICOM Display Calibration

This service ensures that medical images look the same from workstation to workstation. We calibrate your workstation display luminance to conform with the DICOM Part 14 Grayscale Standard Display Function. This service is performed on-site and is available on-demand or on a subscription basis.

Medical Image Migration Services

Need help migrating image studies to a new PACS or to a Vendor Neural Archive? Whether it is a direct migration or whether you need to modify data such as medical record numbers or facility identifiers, Bimini Platinum Care is your resource for dependable, accurate, and timely image migration.

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